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Offering a hand up to our neighbors in need

Our mission is to serve Jesus by serving people.  In 2010 we took over the management of and changed the name of the Malakoff Food Pantry to Faith In Action Outreach because it is our goal to show the love of Jesus Christ by meeting the needs of people in His name.  Our mission is rooted in James 2:26...

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Each number below represents a person or a family in need in our area that our Mighty and Awesome God has helped through the generous gifts of our donors and our faithful volunteers.

FOOD (once per month): 

     Total Households Assisted:       1208 households with 4090 members
                                                       (of these, 596 households were 
new to our ministry)

          Children (0-17)  1375,  Adults (18-59)  2169,   Seniors (60+)  474,  Others 72


CLOTHING (any Thursday):

     Total Households Assisted:         803 households with a total of 2900 members



     Total Assistance:                      $2056

     Total Households Assisted:        32 households with 128 members


BENEVOLENCE (rent, utilities, doctor visits, gasoline for work or doctor, etc):

     Total Assistance:                      $3418

     Total Households Assisted:        39 households with 143 members


SCHOOL SUPPLIES:                  

     Total Assistance:                     $3000 for 100 school children in 3 school districts 


CHRISTMAS FOOD BOXES:            100 households with 352 members


We praise God that He has allowed us to minister help, healing and hope in His Name, and we look forward to what He is going to do through us again in 2014.